20 Jan 2017

Newsletter 18/2016-17

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 Principal’s Comments
 Student Voice News – Dress Casual Day
 CNY Activity Day – 23rd January 2017
 Sports News
 Parents Contact List 2016-17
 ESF 50th Anniversary Secondary Concert
 PTA News

Principal’s Comments

Looking ahead at QBS

  • Monday the 23rd of January – Chinese New Year Activity Day
  • Tuesday the 24th of January – Year 6 Explorer’s Day and Year 5 Victoria Park CNY Visit
  • Wednesday the 25th of January – Year 5 Market Day (Year 3 and 4 children are also invited)
  • Thursday the 26th of January – Dress Casual Day (Last school day before Chinese New Year break)
  • Monday the 6th of February – Back to school after the break

Please note there will be no Enews next week due to the Chinese New Year holiday

On Thursday I was very pleased to see the QBS children after spending the first half of the week involved in annual recruitment for ESF. It was good to meet and interview prospective teachers for ESF, however, I do miss being at school with the children. On my return to school I was delighted to see 1G and 1R do such a great job performing their first class assembly for the whole school. They had fun and enjoyed themselves.

Next week will be very busy as many fantastic activities have been planned for our community to celebrate Chinese New Year. Next Thursday all students are encouraged to wear blue, red, gold or traditional Chinese dress. The Student Voice representatives have initiated this free dress day and all QBS families are invited to donate one piece of warm adult-sized clothing for the homeless in Hong Kong. Please support the Student Voice in this authentic gesture for those in need in our city.

I am looking forward to the Year 6 students hosting their Explorer’s Day next week. They are busy preparing their work to share with parents and younger students. The Year 6 students are very knowledgeable following their personal inquiries. The Year 6 students also begin work on the QBS Exhibition next week. This is a significant learning process for the students at the end of their primary schooling.

Another highlight for QBS next week will be the Year 5 Market Day. This culminating experience will see the students run their own businesses and sell a range of QBS designed and made products. It is always proves to be a successful day. I look forward to the Year 5 students selling their wares at Market Day. It is always a great chance for staff to spend up big!


Student Voice News – Dress Casual Day

The Year 5 and 6 children in the Student Voice would like to hold a dress casual day next Thursday 26th January, to not only tie in with Chinese New Year, but also to make our Quarry Bay School community aware of the homeless people at this time of year.

We would like the children to come dressed in either red, blue, gold or traditional Chinese clothing.

All they ask for is for each family to donate one piece of ADULT SIZED recycled warm clothing that the homeless desperately need. If you have more than one child at QBS, then the eldest child could be responsible for the donation. The clothing can be given to class teachers and then a member of the student voice will come to class to collect.

We thank you in advance for your kind donation.

CNY Activity Day – 23rd January 2017

Dear Parents,

We will be having a culture activity day for QBS as part of the Chinese New Year celebration on Monday 23rd Jan 2017. All activities had been organised by a group of parents and the Chinese department. We would like to invite you to join us as volunteers to assist children in the activities on that day. If you are happy to hold an activity to share your culture that would be great too. Do click in here and fill up a spot!

Please feel free to contact me at katherine.ong@qbs.edu.hk


Miss Katherine Ong

Sports News

KGV Fun Run 2017

Congratulations to all our QBS runners who took part in the KGV Fun run last Saturday. We have some fantastic runners at QBS and it was wonderful to have so many students taking part in the race. Please see the pictures of the children at the start line before the race.

Multi-Sports Class at Braemar Hill Road Playground

We are pleased to hear that a new multi-sport class will be starting in the new year at Braemar Hill playground. Please click here for more information on the courses and the free trial lesson.

Parents Contact List 2016-17

Dear Parents

We have had a number of requests from QBS parents to provide a list of other parents’ contact details to facilitate student playing arrangements, birthday parties etc. These contact lists will be maintained by QBS PTA.

If you would like your contact details shared with other parents at QBS please complete the e-notice on the Gateway by clicking here. The deadline is 23rd January 2017 9am. (This is entirely voluntary and all fields in the e-notice do not need to be completed. Your contact details submitted can be different to those already submitted via the Gateway).

Parent contact details will be stored in a secure area of the Gateway under Documents/School Documents/QBS Parent Directory and will be viewable by all parents at QBS. Once this e-notice has been completed any changes will need to be made by contacting the QBS PTA directly on pta@qbs.edu.hk

The class contact lists must not be shared or used for commercial purposes.

Parents should note that your contact details in this list is separate from your contact details in the Student Demographics section of the Gateway. The latter need to be kept up to date by using the change personal details function in case the school needs to contact you in an emergency.

Quarry Bay School

ESF 50th Anniversary Secondary Concert

PTA News

Upcoming PTA Events

  • Sunday, 22nd January 2017: Junior Chess Star Competition 2016
  • Wednesday, 8th – 22nd February 2017: QBS Readathon
  • Paddfield’s: Winter Bookclub


A big thank you to all our parents, students, teachers and staff of QBS for attending and supporting our fund-raising event! It was a successful and enjoyable evening! Photos will be sent to parents next week.

5th Junior Chess Star Competition 2016 (Rescheduled date: Sunday, 22nd January 2017)

Registration is closed.

All final confirmations, schedule of the event, and final documents have been emailed to all participants. Please contact us within today if you have not received the information.

We look forward to having you at our event on Sunday.

Parent Volunteers – Chess Competition:

Thank you to all our parent volunteers who have registered to help at the event. We look forward to meeting you on Sunday. For further queries please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible at mona.diwan@qbs.edu.hk

School Buses

Change of bus travel arrangement:

We still have many parents who do not inform the PTA if their child/ren have a change in afternoon travel arrangements on the buses. The above results in a delay in departure of the buses from school, while the PTA and Senior Management of the school is looking for the missing students.

We therefore request your cooperation to notify us before 12:30pm of the day for change in travel arrangement of your child. This procedure is imperative and in the best interest and safety of your child. (Parents are requested to inform PTA via email at pta@qbs.edu.hk as well as copying the message to the Class Teacher/School before 12:30pm.)

Chinese New Year Break:

School will commence Chinese New Year Mid-Term Break on Friday, 27th January 2017. Last day of school (before the break) will be Thursday, 26th January 2017. School buses will run as per normal schedule.

Feedback or Suggestions

If you have any feedback, or suggestions you would like to make for our events or services provided, please email them directly to: ptasuggestions@qbs.edu.hk. Your email will be received directly by our Chairman, who will reply to you at the earliest available moment.


We request all parents to support a greener environment by BYOB “bring your own bag” when you come to purchase items from the shop.

[With immediate effect the PTA Shop will no longer provide any shopping bags].

Please contact us on 2566 4242 (ask to transfer to PTA), or 2887 1004 for further queries, or by email to pta@qbs.edu.hk, during operation hours.

“Click here for PTA Office and Shop Operation”