Student Representatives

The Student Council have a very important role at Quarry Bay and help to make a difference in all areas of school life. Each class, from Year 2 to Year 6, has a Student Council Representative who attends weekly meetings, suggests ways to make QBS an even better place to be and help make important decisions about the school. Student Council Representatives are independent and enthusiastic children who work together as a team to give all children a voice within the school.

Elections take place at the beginning of each school year to appoint new Student Council representatives in each class from year 2 to year 6. The Council meets regularly at lunchtime and agrees on their own agenda for items to work on throughout the year. These could be based on messages from class, observations they have had or general ideas about how to improve life at Quarry Bay. They also consult their class about ideas and suggestions to find out their response before further discussion. Sometimes they run school assemblies so that they can get their message across to all students.

Over the years, the Student Council have had a excellent impact on the life at Quarry Bay, providing positive solutions and giving thoughtful feedback on important issues within school.