Bus Information

Hello! I’m Dorothy Ho, the PTA Administrator. It’s my job to keep all 12 school buses, with over 560 passengers, running safely and on time. Your co-operation is crucial, so if there are any changes to your child’s schedule please let me know by email pta@qbs.edu.hk before 12:00 noon. Please inform the Class Teacher separately.
We have once again hired Jackson Coach Services Ltd to transport our students to and from school. Jackson has served us for many years and has always been a safe, reliable and value-for-money partner.
As well as the experienced and cheerful drivers, there is also a Bus Escort on each bus to take care of the students (a mandatory requirement of the Transport Department).
All bus related documents can be found below.
Please contact either myself or Ms Mona Diwan, our PTA Coordinator, for any queries at pta@qbs.edu.hk or 28871004 (PTA office) or 25664242 (school office).