Our Organisation

Welcome to your Parent Teacher Association Ltd (PTA) at Quarry Bay School. All Parents of children attending ESF schools are members of their PTA, so we warmly welcome you and hope you will find participating a worthwhile experience for yourself and your children.

There are 15 members on the QBS PTA Executive Committee, which comprises of parents, teachers and the LMT (Leadership Management Team). Ms Elaine Chew (parent) is the current Chairperson. We look forward to meeting you personally one day, but in the meantime please login to “Gateway” (TG) and browse to the “Documents>School Documents” section, and you will find our PTA Committee Members List in the PTA Section. Your Committee is elected annually at the AGM, which is held in October. Nomination forms for anyone wishing to join the committee can be found under the “PTA AGM” folder in the “School Documents” section, as mentioned above.

Purpose & Focus

We are all passionate about helping QBS to maintain and develop its position as a student-centred and innovative school for all of our children. We achieve this thru regular meetings held twice a term, discussing educational matters, organizing events which raise funds for the school and local charities, as well as provide opportunities for the QBS community to spend time together. You may go to the “PTA Documents” on TG to view our “Memorandum of Articles of Association”.

Members of the PTA Executive Committee also sit on the School Council and the Committee of Parents (Compar).

Our PTA Staff

Ms Gigi To, our PTA Coordinator, handles all PTA affairs.

You may contact us via email at, , or at 28871004 (PTA Office) or 25664242 (School Office).

Achievements, Contributions & Donations

We are proud to be a successful PTA, which really does make a difference to our children’s experience at QBS. A few examples of events we’ve held include our ever-popular Disco, Christmas Fayre, Pizza and Popcorn Sales. Funding given to school e.g. the installation of Interactive touch screens by the PTA supports continued improvements.

Your Role

We need your help. Your participation in events will benefit your family in more ways than just raising funds for your child’s school. It will enable you to make new friends, get to know the staff better, and show your children that joining in community events has positive outcome for everyone. Click here to view upcoming events and the QBS Calendar.

Communicating With Us

We are keen to communicate with our members hence our Chairperson regularly contributes to the weekly school newsletter. If you have any suggestions, comments, and or questions for us, please email them to – which will go directly to the Chairperson.

Quarry Bay School PTA Ltd – Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS)

Information submitted on all forms is being collected in accordance with the Quarry Bay School PTA Ltd Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS). A copy of the PICS can be found here.