Extreme Weather Procedures Guidelines

Extreme Weather procedures Guidelines

If the red or black rainstorm warning is in place at the end of the school day, Quarry Bay School must abide by ESF health and safety guidelines which state:

“Under no circumstances should children be released, even to proceed home on school buses, because of the danger of landslides or floods that could seriously affect their safety. In these circumstances, Principals should only release children directly into the care of their parents or designated responsible adults.”

School Buses:

If the Red/Black Rain signal has not been lowered by 12.00pm, then the bus children will be held on-site until the signal is lowered. 

If the Red/Black Rain signal is still in place at 12.00pm, we give parents the option to collect their child from school.

Jackson buses will only remain on site for 1.15 hour after the school dismissal ie. 2.00pm school dismissal 3:15pm latest departure by the buses.

 If the Red /Black storm warning lowers before that time children will be able to take the bus home if conditions are safe to do so. If the signal is not lowered, parents will collect children from school who will be supervised by QBS staff.

Schools will not request parents to come to school to collect their children in dangerous conditions and will care for children until such time as a responsible adult can arrive to take them home.

Walkers may only be released to a parent or designated responsible adult.