Student Support Department

Quarry Bay School is an inclusive school where all students are included as part of the school community. The Student Support department provides a variety of support structures for children with Individual Needs.

In the mainstream, the Head of Student Support and a team of Educational Assistants support children with a range of needs including Specific Learning Difficulties, Attention Deficit Disorder, Speech and Language Difficulties and Autism Spectrum Disorder along with other additional learning needs. As part of this provision, additional support is provided for children identified as having moderate learning difficulties. This programme has a maximum of 7 students who are supported by the Learning Support Class Teacher and team of Educational Assistants. Where ever appropriate the students are integrated into the mainstream classes. The specialist team works collaboratively with the class teachers to enhance the learning of all students.

Children who are considered for placement in the Learning Support Class must first be evaluated through the Student Support Admissions Review Process to ensure proper identification and appropriate placement.



Purpose built support classroom

Students are encouraged to access all programmes within the school, however they may also benefit from some additional support provided by the Student Support department:

  • Additional learning support
  • Sensory Motor Programme
  • Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA)
  • Programs to support academic development
  • Additional Literacy/Numeracy programmes
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Social Skills programmes
  • Speech and Language Therapy (parent funded)
  • Counseling (parent funded)
  • Occupational Therapy (parent funded)