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What are the expectations around stationery for the children?
All the stationery needs for children in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 are provided in school. Students in Year 4, 5 and 6 have to bring their own stationery.

Do the children get toilet breaks?
The children are allowed to go to the toilet when they want to although they are encouraged to go to the toilet at break times. The teachers usually run a system that the children become familiar with. All children need to be fully toilet trained and be able to manage themselves  before starting Year 1.

Whats time are the breaks for the children?
The school has two break times one for morning snack at 10:00-10.20 and the other at lunch time 12:00-12.50pm.

What are the uniform requirements in cold weather?
The uniform at QBS is designed to be layered and all children should have a QBS jacket that has a fleece lining. Children are expected to wear school coloured hats, scarves or gloves in very cold weather (dark blue in colour). Children who wish to wear extra vest can wear a long sleeved v-necked t-shirt under their shirts. No added layers of clothing should be visible under the children’s uniforms.

When does my child have PE /Music and specialist lessons?
Class timetables will be placed on the Gateway in School Documents.

What does a typical school day look like at QBS?

What are the uniform expectations at QBS?

What are the behavioural expectations at QBS?

What types of lunches and snacks do I provide for my child?
QBS encourage the children to have a healthy lifestyle and would like the children to enjoy a healthy snack for playtime. We would like children to use recyclable containers, labelled with their names and snacks that are not over packaged or contain too much sugar.

What are the home time arrangements?

How do I communicate with the school?
The communication systems at QBS are very thorough. Most parents can find the relevant information they need through the website or by reading the weekly newsletter. To contact the class teacher, parents can use email, although teachers will only respond to these at the end of a school day. Parents can also send messages in the children’s diaries.

What are the times of the school day?
What does the school day look like?

Where do I buy the uniform?
QBS uniform can be ordered directly from
Quarry Bay School students proudly wear their uniform. This is an expectation.
It is always pleasing to see the students so well presented in their uniform as it fosters an ethos of high standards in our school community.

Booking a seat on the school bus?
Parents can send a email to the Bus Coordinator to arrange the most appropriate bus for their child.
Please see the contact details below.

What is the PTA and what does it do?

What happens if my child is ill whilst at school?