Extra Curricular Activities

Courses will only run during the school term for the advertised dates. No clubs take place on Public Holidays, when Red/Black rainstorm or Typhoon 8 signals are hoisted.

There are two different ways that children can continue learning after school offered at QBS.

QBS ECA are linked to the five ways to Wellbeing and are being rebranded as “Keep Learning ECA” and “Be Active ECA” (sports). These clubs run straight after school led by teachers. Children will access the clubs straight from the end of the school day. Students are charged a flat fee for QBS ECA.

  • External providers – these clubs are run by individual companies that offer different ECA time schedules.  Neither parents nor students are able to wait on campus for these clubs to start. However, as some clubs start at 2.15pm the children participating in these are able to wait at a collection point near the PTA office. The club coordinator or coaches willby the respective companies collect the children. Communication with these clubs should be directly to the company. Ms Sharma aids with the scheduling at the QBS site.

All ECA are expected to take a register of the attendees at the beginning of the ECA and at dismissal. Students should be handed to a parent or caregiver directly. All students will exit via the main school gate. Please wait outside the gate for your child.

Please Note:
Quarry Bay School or the English Schools Foundation do not recommend or endorse any external provider renting the school premises. There is no contractual arrangement between QBS/ESF and the club providers; any contractual arrangement that exists is between the parent and the club provider.

Please click each banner for more information provided by each private club.