If your child becomes unwell or is hurt at school they will be cared for by our school medical professional. The Medical Room is situated on the ground floor with easy access from the playground. The medical room provides first aid and nursing care to students and staff members. We give appropriate care for illness or accidents and liaise with student’s family members.

If after seeing the nurse your child is not well enough to return to class, we will contact you to arrange for you to take your child home.

If your child has been seen in the Medical Room during the school day we will contact you to inform you of the situation.

Prescribed medication is administered with the appropriate consent forms. In the Medical room we maintain current medical records for all students with allergies and for any student who needs special medical attention.

Should your child require medicine to be administered at school, please first read the QBS Procedures for Administering Medicine to Students, then complete the QBS Medical Authorisation Form and return it to school.

We assist in organising health related immunisation for students together with the Department of Health.

We do all we can to provide a happy, safe and healthy environment for our students. Please help us in this by encouraging concern for others and developing good health practices.

You can contact our School Nurse by phoning the school office on 2566 4242, or by email