13 Jan 2017

Newsletter 17/2016-17

Quarry Bay School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

 Principal’s Comments
 Parents Contact List 2016-17
 Fifth Disease
 ESF Lions SO3 Advanced Programme
 PTA News

Principal’s Comments

Looking ahead at QBS

  • Thursday the 19th of January – Exhibition Information Coffee Morning for Y6 Parents

It has been a very busy week at QBS. We have had trips, sports days, transition visits to SIS and a class assembly.

Tonight is the QBS PTA Disco which is always a lively and fun event for the students. I look forward to seeing students and families in school. Thank you to all involved in arranging the disco.

It has been lovely to meet with many QBS families throughout the week during Year 1 admissions. If parents have any queries about admissions at QBS please contact Ovee Au Yeung (Admission Secretary) in the school office.

I have been pleased to hear that the Year 7 transition visits went very well for the Year 6 students during the week. Each Year 6 class visited SIS for two days and participated in a range of taster lessons which students enjoyed. It seems the canteen was also very popular with the Year 6 students during their visit to secondary school.

Next week I will be out of school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday due to ESF annual recruitment. I will be involved in interviews panels for primary school teaching positions in ESF. During my absence from school Mr Dewey will be Acting Principal.


Parents Contact List 2016-17

Dear Parents

We have had a number of requests from QBS parents to provide a list of other parents’ contact details to facilitate student playing arrangements, birthday parties etc. These contact lists will be maintained by QBS PTA.

If you would like your contact details shared with other parents at QBS please complete the e-notice on the Gateway by clicking here. The deadline is 23rd January 2017 9am. (This is entirely voluntary and all fields in the e-notice do not need to be completed. Your contact details submitted can be different to those already submitted via the Gateway).

Parent contact details will be stored in a secure area of the Gateway under Documents/School Documents/QBS Parent Directory and will be viewable by all parents at QBS. Once this e-notice has been completed any changes will need to be made by contacting the QBS PTA directly on pta@qbs.edu.hk

The class contact lists must not be shared or used for commercial purposes.

Parents should note that your contact details in this list is separate from your contact details in the Student Demographics section of the Gateway. The latter need to be kept up to date by using the change personal details function in case the school needs to contact you in an emergency.

Quarry Bay School

Fifth Disease

We have recently had cases of Erythema Infectiosum (Fifth Disease, Slapped Cheek, Parvovirus B 19) reported in different year groups.

Fifth Disease is a mild viral illness. It usually occurs primarily in children. The most distinctive symptom of the disease is a red rash on both cheeks.

The incubation period is 4 to 20 days after which the following symptoms appear:

  • The child is infectious for 7 days prior to the rash appearing
  • Rash appears on the face and other body parts such as limbs and trunk. The rash is blotchy or lace-like.
  • Low grade fever, tiredness, joint pain and itchiness are other symptoms

Please take your child immediately to your family doctor if you notice any of these symptoms. Do not send your child to school. If the doctor confirms that your child has the illness, please inform the school. Once the child is allowed back to school we require a doctors certificate stating the child is fit for school.

Pregnant women or high risk persons (e.g., Auto Immune Deficient) are recommended to seek advice from a medical practitioner.

For more information on Fifth Disease please see the link from the Centre of Health Protection.


Delia Guastella Monti
School Nurse

ESF Lions SO3 Advanced Programme

PTA News

Upcoming PTA Events

  • Friday, 13th January 2017 (Today): “Shake & Shimmer” Disco
  • Sunday, 22nd January 2017: Junior Chess Star Competition 2016
  • Wednesday, 8th – 22nd February 2017: QBS Readathon



[Proceeds raised from the event will go towards the upgrading of the learning platforms for the benefit of all QBS students.]

Tickets – Entry Pass

  • Please remember to bring along your entry tickets.
  • All tickets include Disco Entry, 1 selection of Food Item, and 1 Juice Pack.
  • Entry without a pass will NOT be permitted.
  • All students need to be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • No secondary school students are permitted entry.
  • Children 2 years and below are permitted free entry.


  • Parking: There is no parking space available at school. Please use the Shuttle bus provided or use public transport for the event.

Courtesy Shuttle Bus

  • Courtesy Shuttle Buses are provided by Jackson Coach Hire on selected routes. Click here for shuttle bus schedule.

5th Junior Chess Star Competition 2016

Rescheduled date is: Sunday, 22nd January 2017

Registration has been extended till: 16th January 2017.

So if you have not yet registered please do so NOW!

See here for more information on the Poster.
Please click here for online registration.

Parent Volunteers – Chess Competition:

We welcome parent volunteers who would like to help with the event to contact us as soon as possible at mona.diwan@qbs.edu.hk

School Buses

After school activities – Term 2:

All parents are obligated to inform the PTA if your child has been registered for after school activities in Term 2. Please notify us via email at pta@qbs.edu.hk immediately, as it will involve a change to your child’s regular bus travel arrangement.

Change of bus travel arrangement:

We still have many parents who do not inform the PTA if their child/ren have a change in afternoon travel arrangements on the buses. The above results in a delay in departure of the buses from school, while the PTA and Senior Management of the school is looking for the missing students.

We therefore request your cooperation to notify us before 12:30pm of the day for change in travel arrangement of your child. This procedure is imperative and in the best interest and safety of your child. (Parents are requested to inform PTA via email at pta@qbs.edu.hk as well as copying the message to the Class Teacher/School before 12:30pm.)

Chinese New Year Break:

School will commence Chinese New Year Mid-Term Break on Friday, 27th January 2017. Last day of school (before the break) will be Thursday, 26th January 2017. School buses will run as per normal schedule.

Feedback or Suggestions

If you have any feedback, or suggestions you would like to make for our events or services provided, please email them directly to: ptasuggestions@qbs.edu.hk. Your email will be received directly by our Chairman, who will reply to you at the earliest available moment.


We request all parents to support a greener environment by BYOB “bring your own bag” when you come to purchase items from the shop.

[With immediate effect the PTA Shop will no longer provide any shopping bags].

Please contact us on 2566 4242 (ask to transfer to PTA), or 2887 1004 for further queries, or by email to pta@qbs.edu.hk, during operation hours.

“Click here for PTA Office and Shop Operation”